Christian couples holding hands

Surprising Keys to a Long-Lasting Relationship

Nowadays, it’s hard to find relationships that last for long. We are in a time where marriage is not viewed as a primary life objective, and to many, it doesn’t seem like the standard test of time. This means there are a variety of issues affecting most relationships resulting in […]

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Party tips

Singles Party Tips for Single Christians

When it comes to seeking a partner, many single Christians turn to online dating. This can be in the form of niche websites or generic dating applications for the phone. These methods are fine for some people, but others find they lack the charm of traditional meeting. When you meet […]

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Self confidence - Believe in yourself

First Date Tips

Confidence is Key! Dating is your first step in building a foundation for a relationship. The most important thing you should know is that your confidence means a lot in dating, the trick is to find the balance, too much confidence and you run the risk of coming across as […]

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