First Date Tips

Self confidence - Believe in yourself

Confidence is Key!

Dating is your first step in building a foundation for a relationship. The most important thing you should know is that your confidence means a lot in dating, the trick is to find the balance, too much confidence and you run the risk of coming across as arrogant and disingenuous – on the other hand too little and you become shy and unapproachable.

Singles will bear testimony that the first date isn’t that easy.
But it shouldn’t be that hard for you.

This article should be an icebreaker to make your first date successful. Read on to get practical hints to a great first date. And remember – there must be a connection or you wouldn’t be going on the date in the first place!

Christian couple

Here are some tips that will help you make your first date an memorable one:

Just be yourself – this might sound obvious but I mean your genuine self – not the person you put out to the world. This isn’t a job interview it’s a first date. You will always be very comfortable when you look, talk, and act in your authentic self. Often people get tempted to behave like someone else – someone better perhaps? But you can’t keep this up forever – can you?

You run the risk of not only alienating the person who was attracted to you enough to meet you for the date, but you also may embarrass yourself. Believe in yourself! Believe you are already beautiful, charming, charismatic and your truth will always shine through.

Just be yourself

Show up for the date on time
You don’t want to arrive late for the date then start giving excuses. Arriving on time shows that you value not only your time but your dates time also. It also shows that you’ve control over time. Moreover, keeping time will accord you enough time to discuss all that matters on the first date, without the awkwardness that you may have already offended them by being late. Being late for a date may make you nervous and this will erode your confidence in yourself and potentially ruin what could have been the perfect match.

Be on time

Don’t overdo things
The first impression on your first date will determine whether there will be more dates or not. From dressing, makeup, posture, laughter, to walking, don’t overdo it – I refer back to point number 1 – BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF!

If you’ve not practised how you can laugh in a cute way, dating is not an experiment. People are often put off by mannerisms that seem “borrowed.” Stick to what you know best; talk and laugh in a natural way. This way you will feel more in control and therefore confident.


Smiling is a powerful charm for padding a relationship. It radiates confidence and gives you an approachable personality. A genuine smile can be an instant bonding factor.

Maintain eye contact
Keeping eye contact when talking and listening with people shows confidence – and reinforces you are listening and interested. It means you’re serious about what is being said. This may seem obvious but maintaining eye contact is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal – so simple but so important. In dating, this is your powerful weapon to build trust with your date.

Maintain eye contact

Having fun and a laugh with date not only will increase the bond but additionally releases any tension and eases your conversation. This is especially useful in making the other person open up. Besides, you can use your sense of humour to break any silence. Don’t allow silence to creep in as this can not only blow any confidence you had, but also just make the entire event awkward and uneasy.

Listen and Ask
Allow your date to talk and give him or her your attention, ask questions, reconfirm statements. This not only gives you the information you need to get to know them but also reconfirms you are actually listening and interested in what they have to say.  We have all been at the dinner table, or in a store where someone is so distracted by their latest text message or phone notification that even though you are talking you know its not going in. This is not only ill advised its just rude!! Don’t be that person!

Stay positive
Keep negative thoughts away from your mind – we have all had a bad day! Work is a nightmare, missed the train, got caught in the rain, etc. This is your first date, don’t spend the entire time moaning about the traffic on the motorway and the car that cut you up on your way to the venue.Have a positive self talk to boost your confidence. If you feel anything stressful at the dating scene, take a deep breath and let it off. Compose yourself and stay positive.

REMEMBER if it doesn’t work out, or you don’t make a connection this time. It doesn’t matter, brush it off, move on and mark it up to experience.