Singles Party Tips for Single Christians

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When it comes to seeking a partner, many single Christians turn to online dating. This can be in the form of niche websites or generic dating applications for the phone. These methods are fine for some people, but others find they lack the charm of traditional meeting. When you meet someone in the real world you can get to know them properly, without judging their suitability on a few lines and one photo.  For those looking for a way to meet people face-to-face, there are Christian singles events that are perfect for you.

Singles parties are a fantastic way to meet lots of like-minded people and offer a very personal experience. Two people will not experience the event in the same way, even if they are attending the same event. Because of this, I’m sharing five singles party tips for single Christians to make the most out of their experience.

1. Leave any expectations at home

Ideally, you want to be open-minded about the event. You may have expectations for dating someone and how you see your future. Those will only hinder your singles party experience. To get the most out of a singles event like this, you want to see what other people have to offer. You may even find that you hit it off with someone you never thought you would. This can only happen if you’re willing to be open and look beyond your traditional expectations.

2. Take advantage of meeting random people

We all come from different walks of life, either with different backgrounds, hobbies, experiences religion, etc. Of course, as a single Christian you may choose to attend a Christian-based event, which will ensure the latter isn’t an issue. Enjoy your chance to chat and while meeting new people. A singles party or speed dating event can be great for looking into lifestyles that are different from yours. Opposites can attract just as much as people who are very similar. We all have something to offer.

Note:  You should try to keep an open mind while getting to know someone for the first time. 

3. Don’t expect to hit it off with everyone

Naturally, when you’re meeting a group of people, you won’t expect to connect with everyone. The fact that everyone is different means there is likely to be a variety of people. That said, there is a chance you will hit it off with someone who has similar views to your own. That is the ideal outcome of a singles party for Christians. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a reality. More often, you’ll just get the life experience of meeting random people with completely different views. While this might not suit your long-term needs, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy getting to know random people. If it makes things easier, pretend you are the host of the party.  That way you can help others while taking the pressure off yourself.

4. Have fun

The best way to look at any singles event, especially for Christians, is that it’s a learning experience. If nothing else, you’ll peek into the lifestyle of other people. You may learn more about what other people are looking for. In fact, you may even learn more about yourself. Even if you don’t make a connection with someone, you can try to make a connection with yourself! 

5. Follow up

If you like someone at the event then don’t wait too long to reach out to them after the event. If you got on well, they’ll be excited to hear from you again. If you take your time, they might assume you weren’t interested and accept an invitation from someone else. Success is all about keeping up momentum.

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