How Do You Know If You Are In Love!


Being in love is the best feeling that can ever happen to anyone. You want to remain in that feeling forever. The feeling is just out of this world, and even scientists cannot explain this feeling, it is just beyond explanation. 

When you are in love, you find yourself doing weird things; including smiling alone while thinking about that woman/man you love. You find yourself distracted wondering what they are doing, but then is this love or infatuation?

However, some people don’t quite understand if they are really in love or they are just infatuated. They also don’t understand when to begin saying ‘I love you’. Wondering if you are in love with that particular person?     

The tips below are what you need. After reading them, you will get to know if you love him/her.  

  • You can’t stop thinking about that person – Having a hard time getting her/him out of your head? This is an indicator that you love the person. 
  • You can’t imagine a future without the person – If you love that person, you want them to be part of your plans. 
  • You don’t want to live without them, whether its next year when contemplating to go abroad or moving to a new city for a new job. 
  • They are always part of your plans and goals.  
  • If you find yourself always staring and making eye contact with the person, it means that you are in love. This is an indicator that you can’t get enough of them and want to keep staring at them, whether it is on their photos or just physically. 
  • You are willing to try new things for their sake  – If you find that you are eager to do new things, even when they scare you just for that person, it is an indicator that you are falling in love with that person. For example, you will try new hobbies like cycling and swimming even though you don’t like them, to be with that person. 
love hearts

Ever found yourself wishing that the person could marry you? You are in love.  Love is a beautiful thing, and everyone wants to love and to be loved. 

Some people equate the feeling of love to being high. The world is full of trouble and stressful moments, but when you love and are also loved, it gets you through the tough moments. You get to have good moments with your loved one, and this eases the stress. If you have had the experiences discussed here, begin saying I love you to him/her.