Am I Ready For A Relationship?

Happy couple

Finding yourself single again, or if you have never had a relationship how do you know if you are ready to commit yourself to someone?

Being ready to share your life and belief system with another is something you just know, its ingrained that you know that something is missing and you have the careers, and the friends, and the social life – but you want to share this!

How do you go about getting ready? And be prepared that you may ‘meet a lot of frogs before you find your prince / princess!’

One way would be if you find yourself going to networking events or a dating site, don’t be in a hurry, you can make many new friends and have much fun along the way. It is better to spend the rest of your life alone than to spend it with the wrong person. It is important to be happy in life.

The most important person you need to be happy with is yourself, if you have a confident self worth you will attract the right person. No one wants to be alone but being happy with ones self is better than going down the road of a toxic destructive relationship.

God will always be your guide and you need to trust him that when the time is right he will show you the way.

After all….. God answers when you least expect it.