How To Embrace Slow Pace Dating During This Pandemic

Pandemic dating

New relationships can face the challenge of keeping love alive because of the pandemic.

We have been used to everything fast-paced, and this change is frustrating at first. That is why there are new ways to connect and date while observing social distancing .
There are ways to still date while social distancing .

Showing someone you care by following health protocols now looks different than it did a year ago.

Being cautious is a new trait and planning a virtual date is attractive.



Learn patience, tenacity, and duration. Everyone faces an uncertain timeline for when it will be safe to see each other in person.

Take time to talk to someone and get to know them  over several weeks or months. Instead of writing them off. When you see something you don’t like, please get to know them first. Once you know them in person what may have bothered you before possibly won’t matter as much.


Have meaningful virtual dates; take this opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level.

Even though we are living through a pandemic, it is still best not to be online with your new date for five straight hours. Leave a room for your date to miss you.


Pandemic dating is a lot like a long distance dating. You maybe geographically near but constrained to meet the protocols.

Maintain a high level of communication. Try to get to know each other to keep the relationship successful during this time.

If you get a chance to to meet, be direct it’s necessary to discuss where you stand and if you are exclusive – for your safety and your partner’s.

The risks and restrictions in our new reality can make looking for love seem more challenging than ever, but they also present an opportunity to strip away from the trivialities and distractions and follow what matters .

Do you have a connection? Are you compatible? Can you listen and support one another? And Is your life better with this person in it?

If you want to find a date that is pre-screened, you can  can reach out to