Tips For Dating During This Pandemic

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This Is The Time To Practice Your Courting Skills!

As you know by now, in the light of COVID-19 all our Christian speed dating events have been postponed indefinitely.

We have been advised by the government to keep to social distancing and sheltering rules and guidelines. This has has meant there are a lot of people feeling anxious, bored and lonely at home. Many of you have reached out to us asking for advice on how to conquer this time and meet people. After all, social connection is a core human need and the desire to connect is a fundamental drive.

Dating Tips

This is the time to do the things you have been putting off and practice old fashioned courtship! Get to know your significant other before meeting. It is how courting was done in the old days when it was the role of the man to “woo” a woman with a view towards an intimate relationship and eventually marriage. Through writing love letters, sending her little gifts such as chocolates and flowers, engaging in long conversations on the phone and finally asking permission from her parents to take her out on a date. Imagine all the anticipation both must have felt before finally being able to meet in person!

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Today thanks to technology, this is much easier done! No matter what the situation is, we are able to connect and see each other and meet virtually through face time or Zoom/Skype from the comfort of our own home. We can take walks together, cook recipes together, watch movies together and come up with many other fun online dating ideas that are so important to create an emotional connection.

There is no better feeling than experiencing those butterflies in your stomach right before you meet! This is when you will know that both of you genuinely took the time to get to know each other beforehand and that you are meeting for real, authentic reasons.

The Christian Togetherness Team has decided to open up our exclusive database and offer free introductions, along with some tips on dating during this pandemic.

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