Valentine’s Day for Christian Singles

Valentine couple

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whether you’re in a relationship or not. If you’re single, you might feel a little melancholy watching your friends and family enjoying the day together.

It can be tough to be a single Christian on Valentine’s Day. You might be single simply because the right person hasn’t come along yet, or you’ve been divorced and haven’t quite healed from your last marriage, or perhaps you’re widowed and missing an old love. But whatever your situation, don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do in order to make Valentine’s Day a great experience even if you are on your own.

Do Something Special for Someone Else

Valentine’s Day is an ideal day to celebrate and bring happiness to others. As a Christian, we love making others happy. Use this time to spread some love.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to send them a card or some flowers, letting them know how important they are to you and how you appreciate them.

Take the Time to Treat Yourself

One of the best ways to have a great Valentine’s Day is to look in the mirror and realize that your true love has always been yourself. When you finally love yourself, it is easier to love other people, and you will find that you can love others with less effort. Self-love is a process of building on self-esteem, and the more you give yourself this gift, the more you can give to others.

There are many ways you can do this. Get creative and cook yourself a nice meal. Making food for yourself is a wonderful way to feel loved (even if it is just by yourself!). Run a bubble bath and line you your favourite TV series to enjoy. Or it can be as simple as taking a few minutes to write down the things you love about yourself.

Valentine Dinner

Reflect on Your Relationship with God

If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, whether you celebrate it or not, there are plenty of reasons to feel grateful. In fact, many single Christians have found that their singleness has led them to a closer relationship with God, and has given them a unique appreciation for the love that’s found in community.

For Christians, it can be a day of romance between believers and Christ. The Bible talks about the joy of loving other believers, and even angels, and Christians believe that God himself loves us, and that he wants to be with us and have a relationship with us.

Celebrate Galantine’s Day

Galantine’s Day is a modern holiday celebrated on Feb. 13th by women who want to celebrate their friendships and relationships with other women. It is a day of friendship and love, where we get to appreciate all the wonderful and amazing women that we have in our lives and celebrate how important they are in our lives. Are there any other single Christian ladies in your support circle who might also be on their own?

Think About What You Do Have

The key to a successful day is to have the mindset of gratitude. Focus on everything God has brought into your life rather than what’s missing. Pray and thank Him for all the wonderful things you have to celebrate and you’ll start to feel amazing. By developing thankfulness and positivity you’ll be very attractive once you start looking at Christian dating opportunities!

The truth is that Valentine’s Day-whether you’re single, dating, or married-is just a day like any other. If you don’t want to do anything at all then you definitely don’t have to!