Christian togetherness is run by a team of christians who are dedicated to helping you find love by connecting you with like minded people who share the same Chritian beliefs and values.

A unique approach to dating…

We believe that The modern dating world isn’t set up to create meaningful and lasting christian relationships, which is why we take a completely different approach.

We encourage and connect you to help you meet potential partners in person – make eye contact, bounce off each other, ask questions and get genuine responses. When it comes to dating, there’s no better start to your journey than meeting face to face.

Our social events take place at venues all across London and further afield. We keep things light hearted and fun, creating the perfect environment to make you feel comfortable and at ease – the ideal setting to meet new people.

Our events provide a much more natural setting to meet your match than online dating. We also organise speed dating, quiz nights with lots friendly -like minded people and a fun relaxed atmosphere ,the christian togetherness social gatherings are designed to be enjoyed and present the perfect setting for sparks to fly.

Meet your match…

To help you further on your journey, we also provide a matchmaking service to our members, arranging for you to meet face to face . This gives you the opportunity to meet someone that you already know you have shared values and interests with. You can see if there’s chemistry and a shared interest before you commit more time to see if your relationship can blossom.

There is a process before sending our members out on dates, this approach enables us to ensure that the members share the same christian values and beliefs, which is proven to build a strong foundation in lasting relationship.

We are passionate about what we do, and our team aims to support you throughout

your journey. We learn as much as we can about our members and their relationshipGoals. This allows us to make well informed matches with the best possible rate of success.

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