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Valentine’s Day for Christian Singles

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, whether you’re in a relationship or not. If you’re single, you might feel a little melancholy watching your friends and family enjoying the day together. It can be tough to be a single Christian on Valentine’s Day. You might be single simply […]

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Tips For Dating During This Pandemic

This Is The Time To Practice Your Courting Skills! As you know by now, in the light of COVID-19 all our Christian speed dating events have been postponed indefinitely. We have been advised by the government to keep to social distancing and sheltering rules and guidelines. This has has meant […]

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Christian Togetherness

Why You Should Choose Our Matchmaker Service

A Matchmaker is a time honoured way of bringing two suited individuals into a long-lasting relationship. Christian Togetherness’ team is among the top professional matchmaking services, whose goal is to find you a match based on your personality, attractions, and lifestyle, resulting in marriage, engagement and long-term relationship. If you […]

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Pandemic dating

How To Embrace Slow Pace Dating During This Pandemic

New relationships can face the challenge of keeping love alive because of the pandemic. We have been used to everything fast-paced, and this change is frustrating at first. That is why there are new ways to connect and date while observing social distancing .There are ways to still date while […]

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Peed dating - first date

Speed Dating Tips

Pick a niche / theme / age range – that suits the type of person you are and are looking for. We are always happy to answer any questions you have, our speed dating events are specifically for Christians. We hope that by bringing like-minded individuals with the same beliefs […]

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Am I Ready For A Relationship?

Finding yourself single again, or if you have never had a relationship how do you know if you are ready to commit yourself to someone? Being ready to share your life and belief system with another is something you just know, its ingrained that you know that something is missing […]

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How Do You Know If You Are In Love!

Being in love is the best feeling that can ever happen to anyone. You want to remain in that feeling forever. The feeling is just out of this world, and even scientists cannot explain this feeling, it is just beyond explanation.  When you are in love, you find yourself doing […]

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Love boat - sail for love

Sail Away with Christian Togetherness

Christian Togetherness is delighted to announce they will be running a very special Christian Singles Cruise in Windsor on Saturday 31st August 2019. Are you a single Christian from 30 to 55 looking for an amazing opportunity to find your perfect partner?  Take a break from the frustration of online […]

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Surprising Keys to a Long-Lasting Relationship

Nowadays, it’s hard to find relationships that last for long. We are in a time where marriage is not viewed as a primary life objective, and to many, it doesn’t seem like the standard test of time. This means there are a variety of issues affecting most relationships resulting in […]

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